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Natural Body Care
Your skin is your largest organ and should be cared for in the most thoughtful way possible in order to promote ideal health and beauty.  Including daily rituals of beauty enhancing treatments for your skin makes a tremendous difference in your overall appearance, and has a very positive impact on our overall well being.  Having a self-care regimen that includes skin care is important and we believe it's essential that the products you use be free and clear of harmful ingredients to you and the planet.  Isvara Organics Body Care products are formulated to optimize your natural beauty and encourage a healthy glow to the skin while taking you on an aromatic journey.  Our products are hand made in a small batch to ensure you the best possible results available from the powerful, essential plant nutrients packed full in every bottle.  All Isvara Organics natural body care products are gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian and are never tested on animals.  
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