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wholesale information

Isvara Organics offers a complete line of natural, organic, and hand-crafted  hair, skin and body care products for wholesale purchase.  We use the highest quality plant and flower extracts, which help to regulate skin and hair function, soothe irritations, and stimulate and support the body’s own healing powers.  The natural ingredients in our products have been chosen for their incredible anti-aging, regenerative and balancing ability.  These natural ingredients help improve the appearance and vitality of your skin and hair with each use.

To get more information about Isvara Organics wholesale, click here or you may contact us at 831 566 8334.

We offer educational training and support materials for our wholesale customers. The more you know about our products, the better your sales!
We also offer training courses several times per year. Class space is by reservation only and fees vary depending on length and type of training. Contact us at 866.402.9545 for more information and upcoming class schedule.